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Want to create a website that looks and works like YouTube, Amazon Prime or Netflix?

Or would you like your video blog or review site to look much better than it already is? Introducing you Vodi – WordPress video theme for movies, TV shows, videos, streaming, reviews and entertainment sites . This theme is brought for you to buy the same theme that built the most popular electronics store WooCommerce theme, Techmarket – Multi-demo and electronics store WooCommerce Theme and many other popular themes

Vodi Features

Mentioned in the Kinsta Blog as one of the best Entertainment Themes for 2021, Vodi comes with several features and we describe selected a few below.

Created for MAS videos

We developed a plugin called MAS Videos which provides core functionality for Vodi. MAS Videos is derived from the most popular and stable plugin WooCommerce. MAS Videos allows you to create and manage movies, videos and TV shows. Along with the main WordPress blogging feature, you can use  Vodi to create beautiful looking video blogs, video sites like YouTube or streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Built with Gutenberg

Vodi was built with Gutenberg. The theme comes with 47 Gutenberg blocks that can be used to build a variety of home pages. We have included 9 home pages , 4 headers , 4 footers and a dark / light version of our pages. Our theme also includes 4 demos, which are:

  • Vodi Main – This is our main demo. You can view movies, TV shows, videos, blogs and other static pages
  • Vodi Magazine – This is part of the main demo. This homepage was created especially for magazines based on the entertainment industry
  • Vodi Sports – a sports magazine with videos
  • Vodi Stream – a game magazine with game videos
  • Vodi Tube – A site exclusively for videos
  • Vodi Prime – An exclusive site for TV shows

5 different demos

A movie magazine, a TV show and a video streaming site, a video blog and a sports magazine are all included in Vodi. The possibilities are limitless with our 47 Gutenberg blocks included

4 headers, 4 footers and light / dark versions

You can choose between 4 headers and 4 footers for your website. The area is customizable via widgets and custom code via actions / hooks. There is also a light and dark version for each header and footer provided.

Movies, TV shows and videos pages

We provide pages to list movies, TV shows and videos. These are archive pages and we’ve included filters that can be added to the sidebar of these pages and allow users to filter all the content that has been added. We’ve also introduced features like viewing the most talked about, most viewed movies, history, most liked and featured movies, TV shows, and videos.

Advanced sorting and filtering options

Vodi provides advanced filtering and rating options for movies, TV shows and videos. When used with plug-ins like JetPack and WP ULike, our theme offers advanced filtering options like the most viewed and most liked options. There is also a page to view the history of logged in users

4 single movie styles, 6 single video styles and 4 episode styles unique

Once the user clicks on an item on the file page. They are navigated to the individual movie, video, and TV show page. Vodi provided 4 unique film styles, 6 andsingle video styles and 4 single episode styles.

Structured data for movies, TV shows and videos

MAS and Vodi videos will automatically include structured data about your movie, TV show and video on each individual listing page. This helps Google and other search engines understand certain information about your content, such as type, ratings, reviews, release date, listing, and so on.

Vodi Documentation

You can see our Vodi documentation here:

You can check out our import demo video:

Test and Dummy Data

We encourage you to try our theme before purchase. Please contact us via the support tab and we will set up a test for you.

A word about Dummy Data. After importing the dummy data provided with the download package, you will get a site similar to this one:


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